Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Porter Wednesday?

Then a light descended from behind the rearview mirror filling my back window. Nah! I just threw that in for starters. It's 9AM and I'm headed over to pick up Tim to paint today. It's my  turn to drive and his to buy breakfast. The sun was over the dash and lit the sky making my Iphone stop down giving it this eerie quality. Cool, I learned something new and its not even noon. Tim was almost ready. He just had to finish his 'cuppa coffee.' We headed for Lincoln Square with the idea in my mind it's his turn to buy. 'Steak and Eggs' it is. 
This is the interior where we chow down and fuel
up for a day of painting. 
When we are working time runs in fast forward like a DVD in search mode. The art is important but the creating part or the process is far more important to us. It's what we do. Its' who we are to a large degree otherwise we might just get together and drink beer. I like beer but not enough to just get together to drink beer. Anyway, we finish up and load the car up. Tim is disgusted. His canvas chair split down the middle. It was a Goodwill chair! Who in the hell do we complain too? We look at each other's work before we head back to his place. When we get there he want's to or Porter? Porter beer ,a dark beer like Negro Modello or Guinness, is cold and on tap err... bottle. That's where Porter Wednesday comes into the picture. Its' Wednesday! 
Woo ha!

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