Friday, February 25, 2011



Today was a really great day...everything was thawing but still chilly for T-shirts.
We are so glad that winter is on the way of the dinosaur for now...anyway. We decided to 
 town and look for subjects. Tim asked me where I wanted to go. Let's try the Swifty gas station...I've wanted to paint that place. We can park in the B&K parking lot.
Let's check out this one and then the other one on the south side of town. Sure. Off to the south side B&K...let's try here. OK, right over there...sooo... Tim parks under the dripping overhang.
Like a Chinese water torture. A steady dripping  with me in the backseat...Hey, This water makes me want to pee. Tim continues workng with a radio station playing. Nobody, said this was easy.Tim's answer. Ok. On we worked...I'm done, really done...let's go gets something to eat. Subway? Sure. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Winter's losing her grip as the snow melts away.
It's sooooo.. time for this white stuff to move on back up 
to Canada and beyond. The snow goes the way of the
mountains. Down down down to the sea. Oh yeah, the blog. 
We came over to the Nine County Art Show at the 
Honeywell center. It is pretty cool in that many of the works 
were drawings and some nice pastels. There were also some 
really nice oil aitning landscapes done in an impressionist
with a rich palette of turquoise. The winners were some good some not. The judges of these shows is like the judges of Aunt Emma's pie at the 4H fair. Everyone has an opinion.
I think that these pieces were selected based onone person's
opinion. I don't like to show my work anymore in exhibitions because of the politics, the attitudes and above all the fact that I stopped enjoying and feeling about my art work. Tim has helped me on that account as he could care less about accolades.
So we paint and  enjoy each other's friendship and company.
Todays art was on a side street. I did this old carriage house in the changing afternoon light while Tim did the long view down the street.He is very good at this...I think he has a tele-focal cornea...ZZZZZZZ..
out comes his eyeball...ahh the long view!!! Me I have a close-up lens for those details...and arrangement of shapes.Here's todays work...enjoy.

philandtim paintoutdoors..again, if the river don't rise.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is going to be a short blog... word-wise...I got behind. The first two pictures are from our day trip to Lewisburg on Monday and the next one is Tim's night picture alone. Then he talked me unto painting after dark this Wed. We left at 6:30 PM with a half an hour to go before it started getting dark. By seven it was dark. We drove around and finally settled for West Main Peru. I'm not a big night painter as the car is small last night was the coldest night of the year so far and I can't see in the car except with a baseball cap fitted with LED's. Not the best light source... but I took the challenge and here they are for what they are worth. The photo is the scene where we painted.
"I'll get caught up and blather on some more next time out."

It's a b_tch crammed in the backseat of the car with the windows fogging up and no light to speak of...Maybe next time I'll get it figured out...a light source.