Monday, August 30, 2010


Its' summer and we are not at it like usual. Tim went to Milwaukee and I started teaching 3 college courses. Today we tried to sneak this one in. We ate at the Circus City Grill former Lincoln...I can't even recall it's name. Lincoln Square! Anyway the prices were up and they served us each enough food to feed two or three, hungry, no starving! lumberjacks. I ate about half and stopped. Tim took on the challenge and finished 'er up. As we walked out of the diner...his growl and 'brap' confirmed that I did the right thing in stopping with one lumberjack's portion. I took the rest home in a small suitcase size plastic box.
After we left, Tim's driving, he headed for Kokomo but he turned and headed toward Onward...not much there. How about Logansport? Yes, I replied. There's an old grain elevator in Logansport, I seem to have good luck with old elevators. We drove past the new Ivy Tech and headed back into town. On the way we passed a processing plant for corn. Not much there too industrial looking. So it was the elevator. Both of s headed for the shadow side of one of the silos as it (thermometer) was going to climb today. I set up closer to the gain elevator and begin with some large washes i acrylic over a large sheet of Reeves printmaking paper. I like the beige color and thickness a swell as it's hot press surface.Just as we were getting started a truck pulls up and the driver starts talking to Tim..he laughs and smiles real big and I figure he is smooth talking the guy. The truck pulls off and ask, Who was that? The owner. There were no trespassing signs all over the place but hell we just want paint the thing.It's not much more than looking at it real close...a crime? We finished up in about two and a half hours and we took a look at them standing back. Not bad! We did pretty good today and the sun is calling it a day,temperature-wise. Besides, I think Tim's breakfast started an intestinal avalanche.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


    Someday it's just better to stay in bed. The week before had been like that. The two works we did started out at Mississinewa Reservoir which has been a good location to paint. Tim and I had breakfast and I think that it was mdoest and mediocre.
By the time we arrive on location the temperature was more than unkind. We pulled up to the Red Bridge Marina and boat entry ramp. This was going to be a day for shade no questions.  We walked around awhile and decided, after I had taken a few snapshots with my I-phone/computer/camera that the area with the trees on the hill. No place to park since it was cordoned off for the likes of us. Namely,
we don't have the cabbage to park a high priced floating island. These two pontoon boats were litteraly named " _________ Island."  And the other floating eight car garage was some silly name like "Ted's Playhouse." So we sat down and started to make art. These two pieces were so bad that I'm going to end this blog right here. Hey, every one has a bad day. PhilandTimpaintoutdoors is just like
everyone lese. Give us a break.