Saturday, May 22, 2010

Victory and Monarchs

Crazy title today, but it will get us there eventually. I am reading a good book right now by the title of ON NOT BEING ABLE TO PAINT by Joanna Field ISBN 0-87477-263-X. The reason I suggest this book is that it unapologizingly attacks the demons artists tackle every day. It might seem simplisitc but it is a method of getting past that "artist's-writer's block." While I'm on the subject I would also suggest Anne Truitt's Diary. You can 'google' the actual title if you are inerested. It is a 'pearl' kind of a book. You have to read it. Right now, I am NOT using this post to talk about her diary but I may later.What I want to do in this post is to say something about the artist's  whom I admire.
The list begins with Lyonel Feininger, Fairfield Porter, Anne Truitt, and Milton Avery. These artists are not what I would call mainstream nor superstars in the art world. They are well known, however. I appreciate their honsesty. An artist needs at some point in their career to admit some things. Namely, 1.They are rarely going to exceed their limitations, 2. Their syle is personal and unique and okay being that way. 3. Being famous as an artist is an illusion as it does little for the artist's actual growth and personal satisfaction.

These individuals seem to have recognized these ideas. 

The works displayed are I feel represenational of their styles. They are not represenationalists nor realists as are much of the pantheon of great artists. But that's okay. I think they are their own persons. One must remember that the mainstream artists or the Old Masters were paid to create religious or flattering works. They had to copy the natural world. Modernity allows for the freedom of the individual to be his own person. I like that idea. Afterall, when a life is completed what satisfaction can a person derive from following another's perceptions?
That's where the Victory comes in. A victory in accepting what one is. That's a lifelong struggle. The Monarch? A monarch makes one of the longest transcontinental flights of all species of animals. It weighs as much as a 'paperclip.' That's what I call overcoming ones limitations. But actually, it is not a part of their limitations because they know a secret. Now I'm trying to learn that secret as an artist. I am not a monarch but I can learn to ride the air currents in life and cover a lot more ground. So Milton, Lyonel, Anne and Fairfield here's my journey's snapshot;

Pueblo Bonita and Back Alley

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