Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A day we thought might not come arrived. The day before we drove after a moderate and almost healthy breakfast everywhere in Cass and Miami county. It was a beautiful day and we headed north towards Rochester taking all the back roads in search for that special landscape never came but the drive was nice so we continued to drive until the noon whistle sounded..quittin' time! Hey even today after the thirty minute rule we kept looking. But a piece of cherry lattice sour pie and ice cream beckoned. Neither of us felt much like painting. Today we tried again since I had my classwork all finished for Thurs. and Friday. We ate and got on the road immediately. Jared that guy who lost all the weight at SUBWAY inspired us to have  breakfast..a bacon, egg and cheese on grilled Asiago 6" bun and for Tim Black Forest ham and cheese on a flatbread.  I don' think the ham was ever near the black forest except in the little piggies minds. We headed for New Waverly an old car junkyard which dates back several decades and very cool.
We wandered around collecting 'sticktights' on every cloth surface and decided for me and old dump truck and Tim a twin collection of adjacent pickup trucks in red and sunny yellow. We noticed very few mosquitoes and worked at a frantic pace to complete before the announced afternoon rainfall of 1/4 ". Never came ,in fact, it cleared up. as we were leaving some old guy stopped us and said this was his land, at least the easement was his. Sorrrrry. We were just painting a few old cars. The owners had given us permission but Grumpy was intent on letting us know we were lowlife trespassers regardless of our reasons. After all you know how artists are....bohemians and 'shiftless shonks',to quote old Dick Tracy.

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