Monday, January 10, 2011



    Today, we started a little different as we were going to see a watercolorist's exhibition at the Honeywell Center in Wabash IN. Tim's wife was also going with us so we would have to drop her off after lunch and head for our painting spot.
The show was hung in the Clark Gallery of about 25 pieces of work. 

As one might guess I had my favorites as did Tim. My take on the show was first a respect for Terry Armstrong's technical prowess with watercolor. I am not, however, a big fan of photo-realism. Many of his works were done in this style. A few, however, I liked very much because they allowed for the spontaneity possibilities in watercolor. No one coming to an exhibit will like the same work. Everyone has their own particular tastes in art The one piece I am showing was my favorite. I hope Terry Armstrong won't mind me showing this favorite piece of his work as I suggest you give him a good look.
   Afterwards, we dropped Tim's wife off at home and headed north. "What do you want to paint today?" Tim was driving. 'Horses or cows' as these were a challenge. We headed on what is known as lost bridge road which was closed at lost bridge. Lost bridge was 
called lost bridge as the two roads meeting at the river didn't meet. One road was several hundred feet down the river to the west on the north bank. The bridge connecting these two roads was therefore considered to be "lost." The name stuck.
We pulled up to the bridge which had had it's timbers removed on each end. The bridge was an old cast iron riveted structure probably built in the early 1900's.

   We started working as usual. About ten mintes later a truck pulled up to the bridge. Stopped. Then it turned around. We noticed two guys in the truck. Funny how some people
don't believe closed road means the road is closed. We knew it was closed and were counting on it. Finding a safe place to pull off is tough. This would probably be we thought 'car-less.' Wonder what they wanted? Hard telling.

    Tim stopped and opened he door, got out sprayed his pastel with fixative. He got back in the car and dropped into his seat. My brush went up as the car dropped down leaving a long new "tree" stroke across the top of my painting. That's what painting in the car is about. However, that's also the challenge as well. The back seat is cramped.The front seat is not much better. We both are working in a space the size of a 1/4 sheet of plywood. This time I finished first as I was starting to mess up my painting with  'piddling' with areas that were really done. " I'm starting to ruin this." " I know I'm just about ready to quit too. We packed up. I said look at the car clock. It was 3:33 PM.
             'When numbers begin repeating themselves around you it  is often a signal that you are 
              on purpose in life, and to be awake for new opportunities. When you see a repetition 
              of numbers,  your DNA is being activated on some level. You are remembering that you 
              are now returning to higher frequency vibration also called the return of the Feminine 
              Energies, Rebirth, Christ Consciousness, Evolution of Consciousness into total    awareness. 
-Funny since we were at "lost bridge."

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Crystal said...

So that's what it means about repeating numbers. I find it clever and at times eerie how often I look up or walk into a room (both times of day) at 11:11. To me when I see that it's a signal from the universe that I'm in sync, but also a reminder to slow down and enjoy the now. I love comparing the artwork for both of you - they are similar but so distinctly different. I am a fan of impressionist paintings so I plan to continue following the outings you both have in the future.