Friday, January 14, 2011


It's lost bridge again after a hearty not so hearty healthy. Lost bridge being closed offered lots of spots to paint from. When Tim got the car parked he pointed out the American bald eagle parked in a tree across the river in the picture he was in the tree top middle. We stayed on the bank and looked at it for a time. Pretty cool a bald eagle, huh? A few crows were also perched on this side and were there because of the eagle (I think sort of a celebration for them). The bald eagle was almost wiped out and is now reclaiming old territories. I set up in the backseat and Tim opened his pastels on the shotgun seat. We got to work.  "Man, that was some breakfast...they fixed it just like we asked them too". That's really good for Tracks End. I think they have a few new cooks.
It seems to me that life has surprises both good and bad. My niece has breast cancer. Our local sheriff died. His wife and I taught together for many years. I went to see him and he looked terrible from such a healthy looking 58 year old last year. I'm 62. My niece is 30 I think.
My wife's work friend lost her mother. Yesterday, I got some pretty bad news for me. Yet I spent the whole day with my son and we went to the police shooting range. I fired two rifles and a handgun. My bullet spread was pretty good for bad eyes. Today, I'm painting with my best friend.
I have a beautiful wife and many many good friends and a great bunch of brothers and a sister who is like an angel. So what's my point? Who knows what's up next? The book Eat Love Pray my wife just finished and gave it to me to has a pretty good message. I'll leave it up to you to read it or not. This was my painting.

A Zen Buddhist monk walked up to a hot dog vendor on the street corner. "Make me one with everything."

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