Monday, May 23, 2011

Bright Breezy and Beautiful Day

What a day!!!The weather for today, after rain and gray and rain, was picture perfect at least until we finished painting. It rained later today but we got'er done. Tim and I sat on Blvd St. in front of the courthouse looking north and east. Tim painted 6th and I painted the old Senger Bldg. looking toward the The Amateur Circus Capital of the World.

Amateur Circus Capital of the World.(bottom left)
A few folks stopped...midway a lady stopped to look at my work which was mid way looking very rough..she looked and said nothing like I had committed abstraction. Oh, well. We had fun...

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Anonymous said...

A few more steps in the right or the left direction, "I prefer the Left Bank" and you will have wandered into Impressionism