Monday, May 23, 2011


........a river runs thought it..
Today, we stopped at Lost Bridge again as the Eel river  was at a record stage. In the 30 + years I couldn't remember it being that high. Tim and Carolyn painted on the bridge looking down and up river. I couldn't find the mocha brown water that filled the watercourse that exciting..but the tire marks on the road leading to the bridge caught my attention. Apparently somebody didn't like the idea the bridge was closed and turned around and peeled out cranking an armful of gears in the process...This is the road to my old HS where I taught. I can just see a Junior or Sophomore arriving late for school taking the Lost Bridge shortcut and getting stopped dead in their tracks. The sun was out the road a variety of grays and blues and those dark black rubber tread marks. Pink was the only color that would highlight and work with the other colors.
     Tim and Carolyn worked about an hour and a half and were still working when I finished. I walked onto the bridge. Carolyn wasn't too happy with hers but Tim had nailed the scene and was rather satisfied. The first images I took with my phone camera had a finger in the corner of each photo. I had to retake these and edit the color because the lighting had changed. The  probably be a subject we attack again and again but today we are headed into town to tackle the Amateur Circus Capital of the World.

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