Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Tim's turn to drive my turn to buy. It's really a gorgeous day in early Nov. "Indian Summer"  is what we called it. A respite from the cold which is fast approaching.A day of revelry for the great time of summer is returned for a few days. Today it will be 70 degrees. We headed out for the days painting. An old farm deserted would be todays subject. A few windows were broken out in the house which seemed forlorn and abandoned too early in its life. An old style steel clad barn was still in good shape as for an outbuilding which showed more promise artistically for my subject Tim liked the barn. We unpacked our supplies and tried to find a spot in the sun. The day was just too perfect with the sky a brilliant blue like in Santa Fe, NM most of the year. I have a 22"x30" sheet of print paper which I had prepainted with an under-painting of thalocyanine-blue and dioxane violet for another purpose. I figured I'd use it since I had forgotten what I had originally planned to do with it. Tim had been working for a few minutes already and I was still getting ready to squeeze out the acrylic paint for my color palette. 

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