Monday, November 22, 2010


LIVE and IN 3D!

64 degrees and Nov.22,...Tims birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM. We are headed to Wabash today since I'm driving. We are driving around Wabash looking for  inspiration. Several 'false stops' looking for the right landscape layout later we pull into a road train crossing and a siding for repair vehicles. The sky is clouded up and windy but not too cool, actually. Tim and I are both sitting in front of my car. The wind is picking up. The only really bad thing about painting where we are, are the trains. Moments after starting, a whistle sounds from far away. Tim turns to me and says," It's coming this way. "No." "Yes." Five minutes later 1000 plus tons of locomotives and rail cars, tankers, etc. are grinding past us at 25-30 m.p.h. They are so close the wind is pulling my paper from the drawing board. My hat flies off  while Tim is fighting to keep his pastel and paper from blowing away.
As we continue to work, I am thinking what if this train derails. Will I feel anything? I play the scenario though in my mind. Yes, for a second or two I feel an unbelievable experience of being in several places at the same time with something akin to a 3rd degree sunburn rushing into my mind all at once from all over... then nothing. I turn my attention to my painting and the feeling disappears. Amazing the art in front of me steels my mind to continue my painting. That's the power of creativity. Tim looks over and says that the train is pulling a lot of wind like a truck does on the highway as you pass it. We are standing still so the wind is much greater. The train finally ends and I re-tape my paper half-finished. Another whistle sounds from behind us.
Tim looks over. It's coming from the opposite direction this time. How? The other one is on the track heading towards it. No, it is on a siding while the second one passes by. That's how it works the tracks double duty. Just then the whistle is loud enough to cause me to tense up knowing 1000 plus tons of locomotive and cars is rushing towards us at about the same speed as the previous one. My gosh it's like a 3-D stereo movie only we are in the movie. Again the tunnel of air whips us like flags with the paint jars blowing away from my chair as well as the towels I use to dry my brushes. We are plein-air painter and pastel artist. This is part of the process that makes our work spontaneous and unique. 3-D with stereo is what makes our art 'real.' Tim smiles. Yes and I'm still burping grease from my burger and onion rings at C_______s. It's totally 3-D with a real 'grease' taste.

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