Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today started in the 50's and deteriorated from there to snowing and 31 degrees when we finished up. Tim had put off Monday's outdoor session. Tim was too busy on Monday to paint. We decided that Tuesday would be good because it would be warmer. I had just eaten breakfast at 11:00 and Tim called to ask what was the 'call' for today to paint or not. Let's paint. I miss the outdoor exercise and pushing myself to create whatever the circumstances. I suggested we eat later and paint while it was moderately cool and would drop by the hour. We headed towards the Eel river out to US31. Along the way he asked, "I haven't thought about where to paint today; what do you think?" I had passed a small island out in the middle of the Eel day after day on the same road towards home. I wanted to photograph it. "Look over there, that small island. Let's try it. It would work I thought as a good subject. Tim pointed out that the property was posted on the other side and no where to park on this side near the island. Let's try the other side and there's a small pull-off on that side just past the house. He drove over to the side where I walked. I had forgotten the view from the side I walked during the summer months because of all the growth hiding it. Now it was open. We headed over to the pull-off and unloaded. Tim walked around looking for a good spot to set up. I spotted a vine wrapped around a small tree like a boa or python. I wanted it. "Tim do you have a knife?" He handed me a small pocket knife. I looked at the vine and knew it  take would a while to cut through both ends. Tim had just finished setting up and was already starting. The cold was settling in and a light breeze making it even more uncomfortable. I started whittling. This was going to be hard. I continued to cut and tried to hurry it up. The knife kept closing on my fingers. This would have to wait. I moved my paints and easel down towards a tree as a wind break. Finally, I was painting. I could not get into the zone. I knew I was thinking to hard about what I was doing. I couldn't get into the painting. I had to stop thinking about making a 'painting.' The cold was sufficient, so I took off my gloves. The cold took my attention. I painted and finished while Tim sprayed his pastel. I went back to the vine and started whittling again.
Twisting and cutting the vine finally broke free. Tim got back to the car. "I can't feel my fingers." I couldn't either but I sure enjoyed  "painting outdoors". Tim turned on the heat after getting into the car. "You know I sure enjoyed that; I needed it."

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