Tuesday, January 18, 2011


That's the beater car we paint in and two artists.

    It's three o'clock and Tim still hasn't showed up. Wait a minute. Here he comes. Carolyn had to get her hair fixed. I never really don't know why they call it fixed. Tim pulls up opens his trunk. I already ate. Looks like we skip lunch today. I had a couple chocolate chunk cookies for him just in case wrapped up. Tim wolfs'em down. Where we going?I don't know it's your turn to pick and buy lunch but we'll skip it today but you still have to pick the spot. Tim heads east towards Logansport on the back roads. There's snow on the shoulders so it's hard to tell if there's solid ground there or it a slide into the ditch. We finally stop about 30 minutes later stop along the shoulder where I get out and test for solid ground. It's a vista Tim like you like. Okay I'll zoom up on something out there. I choose two silos about a mile away while Tim starts on the whole scene. Just about that time a lady with a small child in an SUV pulls up. Are you guys alright? Yeah, we're painting, artists you know painters. We ll I live up the road turn in and come on up to the house. Its' safer sitting alongside the road. 

Tim looks at me."I'm good here." "Okay we'll stay put." Maybe we can check it out some other time.  This is going to be a short one today. Yeah, I know I'm about done too. I'm not real happy about this one. Me either. I'm already starting to mess this one up but I like what happened. I kept painting changing colors and trying to keep the landscape more geometric in structure. 

Yeah, I like mine too. Next time let's get started earlier. I'm tired. I'm ready for a nap. Those cookies gave me a buzz..now I'm exhausted. You're just out of insulin. By the way why didn't you give one to Carolyn?

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Anonymous said...

I agree.
Hair gets styled.
Dogs get "fixed"