Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Snow was falling when Tim showed up at a little after noon.
Where today? Whose turn is it to buy? Yours, but my time to pick the location. Remember we started late last time. We didn't bother to eat. I have to stop by the post office. When I came out Tim pulled up, I hopped in and away we went. I think we could go down the road a bit to the parking lot of the grocery store on Strawtown Pike. I thought it would be interesting to draw up the hill the houses which sat at the bottom would add some interest. It's a tough view but we ought to try it. Tim looked down the street running in the opposite direction. Or you could do a pastel of the side city street like those you like to do. So he parked while a drizzle of snow and rain started to coat the windows. This isn't helping.

 I know but were plein air painters and were tough. Okay. Can you move your seat up there's no room back here to turn and get my paints out. Let me get something on the radio. I'll pull up. Tim slides his seat up and tunes in a station that's starting to get on my nerves. How about some New Age? Tim looks over the seat and raises his eyebrows like I'm some damn hippy. Hey, I like New Age. My nerves are shot. I just dropped off a package to IRS. I think they want to drive me to ...... Yeah. I understand. Gov. Brown had the right idea 15% for everyone. Everybody pays. The rich dont get out of paying through some loophole. I know it's the same as feudal Europe middle ages. Screw the peasants to the land in debt. 
       Well you can't take it with you, it's only money. Tim smiles. I know but. Hey, how about painting at night? Night? Yeah, it would be different lighting. I guess. When? 6PM Thurs. It'll be dark by then. We can do something in town with street lights. Okay, street lights. By the way I ask what is today. Tim looks at me. Huh. Never mind. Do you suppose this is the way it happens? What happens? Huh? Never mind. 

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Crystal said...

Mr. Spear - did you know there is an album by Rodrigo y Gabriela called 11:11? It's classic Spanish guitar performed by a brother and sister. 11:11 the song was playing and I thought of you and decided to let you know such a song existed. I like the streetlight paintings. They show a side of life we take for granted as we've been spoiled with the gift of electricity for so long.