Saturday, February 19, 2011


Winter's losing her grip as the snow melts away.
It's sooooo.. time for this white stuff to move on back up 
to Canada and beyond. The snow goes the way of the
mountains. Down down down to the sea. Oh yeah, the blog. 
We came over to the Nine County Art Show at the 
Honeywell center. It is pretty cool in that many of the works 
were drawings and some nice pastels. There were also some 
really nice oil aitning landscapes done in an impressionist
with a rich palette of turquoise. The winners were some good some not. The judges of these shows is like the judges of Aunt Emma's pie at the 4H fair. Everyone has an opinion.
I think that these pieces were selected based onone person's
opinion. I don't like to show my work anymore in exhibitions because of the politics, the attitudes and above all the fact that I stopped enjoying and feeling about my art work. Tim has helped me on that account as he could care less about accolades.
So we paint and  enjoy each other's friendship and company.
Todays art was on a side street. I did this old carriage house in the changing afternoon light while Tim did the long view down the street.He is very good at this...I think he has a tele-focal cornea...ZZZZZZZ..
out comes his eyeball...ahh the long view!!! Me I have a close-up lens for those details...and arrangement of shapes.Here's todays work...enjoy.

philandtim paintoutdoors..again, if the river don't rise.

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