Thursday, April 28, 2011


Cold, Damp Spring.
It's not really conducive to a Plein Air painter's likes, but it's the kind of spring we're having. Friday it's raining and in the lower 50's, so we have to find a place where we will stay dry. Carolyn's went, so there's no painting in the car. We're tired of that anyway. I like for Carolyn to go, also.
We drive for awhile and settle in under the awning for the drive-thru of the old American Trust Building. Early spring is only visible in the trees above the buildings and in the rain.
Carolyn and I finish our renditions while Spearz is cold and getting rained on. He decides to finish his later. Carolyn's not happy with her work but I'm satisfied with mine. It captures the day pretty well. The picture that Spearz finishes, later, hits it well, too.
Monday is dryer but still chilly as we three are out in the country rendering a deserted farm in paints and pastels. If we could only catch a sunny day with bright colors, shadows and blue skies with patchy clouds. But NO! We are all getting good at cloudy, gray days. This is only good for mushrooms!

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