Thursday, December 9, 2010


It's here. Winter! Tim and I have rethought plein air painting. The temperature is 19 degrees out and my water is frozen in the car. Soooooo...we decided to paint indoors for the time being using images that I took with my camera of landscapes we didn't paint this summer. I took them because they interested me but weren't the most engaging at the time. Still the day is different and the images have a different appearance. I file through them on y desktop screen on my laptop as Tim makes faces which mean "no not this one." Finally, we both spot this one which is a gravel pit operation near Logansport. It's harder than it looks at first. I plop down next to the sink. Our "woodstove" is really a gas "wood stove" and it is off. So the central air is turned down to 62 to give us a little discomfort common for plein air painters. I'm in front of the screen and Tim is off to the side. We set up without the sun being too hot or the breeze blowing our paper off the boards. But the image is sharp. We start like we always do and continue working quietly except for the odd comment now and then."This is hard." "I know it seemed easy but is tougher because of the complexity of the objects...big machinery and industrial style buildings." We continue working until Tim announces he is nearly done. I still am putting in small descriptive marks that will read as details from the viewers take on the subject. It is like a large outdoor still life. The colors of the machinery and buildings work well as an interesting arrangement of patterns. We celebrate the completion of the paintings with cake. We will continue this approach as the mercury stays below reasonable plein air painting conditions.
Turn your computer on its side..I loaded it with the correct orientation but hey, its digital! 
See you next to the woodstove as Phil and Tim paint outdoors, sort off.

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