Friday, December 31, 2010


Earth shaking kind of things happen everyday. Today an epicenter was 25 miles form where we call home. Still after being awakened by the 4.7  shaking, today was a painting day. Tim was driving the now named the
"painting vehicle" but my turn to select the spot we would paint. The snow had melted and the scenery had changed from high contrast white and dark grays and browns to muddy yellows, greens and lots of grays. I had some spots in mind but as usual the pull offs were on a highway shoulder or too much of an angle to make it a doable subject. I decided to try one more location down a side road and this time the direction of the road coincided with the way we had to sit to paint, out of the side window. The temperature was warmer today than it as been for awhile so I rolled the side window down just to stay cool enough while painting. 
I have a new palette that I ma trying today. It is a 4 tray sealable tupperware. 
My paints were drying out between sessions and this would allow for the acrylics to thicken some for the next session. I like a more viscous paint. Tim was busy in the front seat dabbing soft pastel on top of a base layer of color. The cars springs translate that motion to the whole car so I am unable to make the brush strokes I typically use. I had to adapt by drawing with the paint like making a pastel mark. A quick sudden definite stroke with a small filbert style loaded paintbrush. The brush is probably 20 plus years old. I hate to lose old brushes. This one falls off the handle. I push it back on after wiping the paint off the ferrule which has fallen in the palette. What I create is an adaptation of painting in a car which is parked along a road berm with almost no room to move with a brush that falls off occasionally into the paint. Tim as well using fewer colors and less space creates like me plein air masterpieces. And then there's the steak and cheese, "drag it through the garden" submarine sandwich and jalopeno chips. "C'mon is this great or what?" PhilandTimpaintoutdoors is just a cover for retirement.

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