Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today was a great day for painting. We started on a clear cold blue day with snow on the ground. Tim was driving the 'old painting car' and we drove east wandering the back roads of Indiana. It's really hard to find a place to pull off and make a painting. Everything is posted  with no trespassing, and prosecution warnings. We found a place to pull off with a farm landscape up the road. We started working on our paintings when a big work truck pulled up next to us. "Hey, what are you guys doing? I own the place up the hill."  "We're painters. You know" "Oh, hey, you can't be too sure. The way things are these days. When your done come up the road." We completed our paintings and headed up the road. The owner saw us pull up and greeted us. "Want to see some buffalo?" "Sure."  Mr. B. walked us all over the farm which would have provided a dozen weeks worth of subject material plus a fenced area with four young buffalo! We then went into his home followed by his two dogs who earlier had warned they'd tear us apart if we got out of our car. Once, we were 'okayed'  the dogs practically adopted us, rolling over to be rubbed and patted. Mr. B.s wife turned out to be an artist also. I am not using their names to protect their privacy. 

Mr.s B, Kathy by name, was also a painter and had won awards at the Honeywell Center. Mr. B, Ron was such a hospitable man along with his wife. We wanted to thank him and his wife and also show one of his wife's paintings. Thank you Ron and Kathy B.

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