Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hey Do You Guys Need Help?
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PhilandTimPaintOutdoors means just that. We headed out from the comfort of central heat and a wood fired kitchen stove for Tim's heat. We headed for my choice today was a spot up the road across from the place we had painted the last time we were out.Tim eased his old "painting car" off the road onto the shoulder blanketed with snow. We didn't know how deep orwhen the shoulder would drop off suddenly. "We'd slide down to the river." "Turn around and see if 
there's something from the other direction to park." We came upon the same vantage. Tim pulled off where we were looking at earlier. This is a great space.Look at the vantage view from here. The long vista, the barn up the road, or the barn with the grain silo fallen in front of the barn.
We pulled off.  got out and moved to the back sea, my atelier for the next hour while Tim set up his work aganst the seat and opened his pastels. This setup worked as long as we kept our thinking small. I had a screw cap water bottle to wash my brushes a lidded snap palette and a drawing board with paper taped in place.
        In the time it took to start to finish three cars stopped to see if we were stranded. No,we are making art...painting. People were surprised to two guys out  painting in the cold in a car. We held our work up. They smiled like the idea was great that someone still could fun things.
Tim skecthed in hs drawing with alonger view while I painted dircetly the darkest value on the landscape. Whites mixed in with small amounts of color and filled in closed shapes left. The whole point was to keep the brushwork immediate and not overworked. Tim had left a large area of raw gray paper in the center of his pastel drawing.That was great.Leave it. Well neither of us did. I overworked my brushwork and Tim closed up the gray area. Well thats' the name of the game. If your afraid to push it and lose it you'll never make a painter.  That's what makes art exciting. See you next time.
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