Friday, April 22, 2011


Tim and I and Carolyn this time..came along to paint with us today. My turn to choose the location. We meaning I drove around the corner from 450 to 400. Tim wanted to paint a filed puddle. By J. Blair's farm was just such a field with a pull off and a series of piddles just as he described.

I pulled off the road down a gravel lane which led to a back field.  I set up under the back hatch to keep the direct sunlight off of my paper canvas. When we painted in the car the sunlight was reflected and much less of it affected the color intensity. Now outdoors after along winter painting outdoors changed the color palette we were looking at.

In the car the palette  was much brighter to make up for the lack of light. Outdoors the palette was less intense since more light was hitting the colors, now. I stated with a prepainted surface using mostly a variety of greens, yellows, and blues which had dried.Carolyn was a "newbie" and didn't know where to start. Tim took her under wing and coached her to start with a sketch. Carolyn can draw and paint but needed encouragement. With little being said we worked at the puddles in the field and the gravel lane. Nearly and hour or more had passed and I felt like I was starting to"dabble" which is clearly and indicator to stop! I'm done I announced. Tim came back, " Yeah I'm almost there too." Carolyn decided she'd quit too. When we stood up and looked a our work for the day all three pieces were a success. That's the payoff. A few hours of out of mind enjoyment and now we were headed to grab a Subway 6" turkey and black forest ham with JalapeƱo chips on the side. Is that a fine day or what? Good job, Carolyn. Good job,Tim. Good job,me!

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