Monday, April 4, 2011


2 for One Day...slowly gearing up for spring.
That's what this is, for today. I've been feeling like I have a few concrete blocks tied to my waist. Kind of the Jacob Morely thing is going on....I guess as Tim says Spring fever. We went out to Salamonie dam last week and these   are the images 
near the bottom of this post. These two top ones are near Mexico,IN at the elevator. These grain solos fascinate me for some reason. I think it is the repetition of forms. Mine was done over a very dark and bright red- blue under-painting. Tim's has a purple cast. That is the secondary color mixture of blue-red, hmmmmmm.

My wife thinks our work is starting to look the or technique. Maybe thats' because we watch each other's work progress over the last three years that we have been doing this.

I like to use under-painting while Tim does something similar in grounding the whole paper with soft colors which are dominant in the landscape.  I guess that is under-painting as well. So we have been morphing slowly into each other's style.
I guess that's inevitable after all this is philandtimpaintoutdoors see the tow names are run together like our works are becoming. Hey, laterrrrr.....Time for my nap.

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