Friday, June 4, 2010

Art Town: Santa Fe New Mexico Here we come.

Here we go again. It's Memorial Day and the town has just started hopping. The shops are closed but the light is gorgeous and lustrous with deep hard shadows. This lends to the dramatic Santa Fe is known for by the general populace. But it is not a cheap novel drama but more of a woven tapestry of the old and new West. A live and let live attitude pervades. Willie Nelson's 'Halleluia' was playing in a parked SUV; it just seemed fitting for today.‏
"Thank you men and women of the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Reserves for serving our country. We remember your sacrifices and service."

Dallas/ Ft. Worth airport terminal mosaic public art below:

Hi, here I am again sitting in the Albuquerque airport. We took a shuttle back from SantaFe. What a beautiful four and a half days. Perfect weather, a brain blistering intake of Southwestern art. Great food at the Ore House and Atomic Grill to name a few eateries worth checking out if you're in town. The plaza was our favorite sitting place watching the locals and 'touristas' rambling about. I stopped in the gallery Santa Fe Fine Art Brokerage to see Marian Padilla the owner. I have known Marian for several years as I have three large watercolors on display.

Now we are in the air at 30,000 ft. headed for Dallas/Ft.Worth. The one thing I felt was accomplished this vacation trip is that I filled my cup up for the rest of the year, creative-wise. I took over 1000 photographs in preparation for several different series in oil and acrylic. One series is called 'Curb Abstractions.' I also met my friend Charlie Andrijanoff a Santa Fean artist who bartends at the Inn on the Almeda. Charlie's work can be found on the Santa Fe Artists website. It will take a few days to get back in the groove before Tim and I paint outdoors again. I also am losing one day a week to my college class which I am teaching this semester. I figure by now I should have a fresh outlook on my plein air landscapes. Hey,Tim it's good to be back.

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