Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again Plien Air (that is)

     Hello everyone, whose following us. I wondered when I looked over my shoulder yesterday that someone was looking in on us. We are back on the trail 'art-wise' that is. My time to drive and pick Tim up. By the time I show up it's only 8:30 A.M. Tim's just finishing his coffee and we're both hungry. It's the Tracks End again my choice. By the way, don't ask for dry bacon and dry toast. This pisses the short order cooks off. We got our breakfast and let me tell you I won't need an oil chage for another 5000 miles. It's pretty bad when you can comb your hair in the reflection in your eggs-over-easy. Tim looked at me and said, "Don't ask for dry bacon again, ok?" That'll be a handfull of Fish Oil gelcaps when I get home to short circut the 'grill prep.' It's the grease or the mercury that will end up getting me.

     Okay enough of this. We head for Lanning's pond. This is a guy who has built a pond and added trees and all kinds of other 'cute' things like an old ore wagon filled with tailings tipping on its side almost into the pond filled from a silver mine in the middle of " Indiana." The water is blue from copper sulphate and there isn't a weed near the water. What caught my attention from this 'touristy wonder' is a place to park the car and the glint off the water this clear bright blue and dry morning after 5" of rain in the last three days. "How about here?", I ask Tim

"Sure." So we stop and set up. Tim starts up.

I can't find a place not in the sun and it's getting hot." He moves around several times and I'm getting the feeling he didn't want to stop here. But, I drove so it's drivers choice. HA! He finally settles down facing away from the pond. Well, that's pretty clear! He says the pond looks like a Disney attraction. Yeah, it does but the water reflection is really attractive. I miss the ocean, not the Gulf, though.
     Its about an hour later. Tim's saying," You win some you lose some."  That means he's not happy with his work today. " I needed to have a focal point." I think we were just rusty from the long time between painting sessions. I'm teaching now and have two days gone from my week so we can't meet as often. However, the wheat is getting ready to harvest and that's our favorite time. The gold wheat, green trees, red farm outbuildings and and blue sky and silo colors available make for great paintings. Well, after all this talk here's what we ended up with. Mine is below. I know you are going to ask,  "Where's the water reflections?"

and  Tim's
Hey, it's the chance to get out and paint and renew a friendhsip worth more than all the art in the Louvre.
Stop by again,we are out next Monday if the river doesn't rise.

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