Friday, June 4, 2010

In the Air The Plane Air That Is

Tim and Phil aren't painting today . Phil is in the air. Literally in the air in a plane that's what you call plane-air. I don't have my paints handy and the stewardess told me to buckle up. Tim is probably home taking a nap. This is an 'art trip vacation'. One thing I and my wife plan on doing is seeing a lot of art here in Santa Fe. We just got into Dallas / Fort Worth a few minutes ago. Then it's off to Albuquerque and over nite in Old Town. I've been here but a long time ago and I'm sure it's changed. Old town Albuquerque was famous for it's Indian Arts and Mexican silver work. I don't know if we'll have time to catch any art galleries but we'll try. These cowboys were standing in a store as part of the local color here in Dallas airport. I'm gnawing on a pretzel while we wait for our next leg of the flight. The first leg we got a complimentary soft drink or coffee. Things sure have changed. We used to get s small meal years ago. I still wished I'd packed some acrylics but with the new air laws they'd probably list them as contraband. The flight out so far has been fairly smooth. Plan on getting into Albuquerque about 5:30. Hope to see some art in Old Town.These aerial views have wetted my appetite for some semi-abstract landscapes. I'm seeing a pan shot from the ground to a 180 degrees into the clouds. I'd have to use some curved perspectives to allow the eyes to adjust. The viewer might get air sickness if I painted it like I am seeing it through the planes fuselage 'vasisdas' windows.

 Phil and Tim Paint Outdoors

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