Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home again in Indiana, Santa Fe only a memory now

I went around the back of our home listening to the sound of chainsaws and falling limbs. Tim came around the corner with a phone in his hand. "I've been out here 4 minutes."  I looked at the car in the drive, a white Hyundai. "Where's your car? Oh yeah, someone backed into it."

We had to rush a little today as I had an afternoon class I am teaching in Art History. Let's get going", after throwing my bag of paints waterbucket and brushes. I figured the quickest place to eat was the Tracks End. "Eggs over easy, sausage patties, and dry toast and yes, Decaf." Tim ordered the Brakeman as well eggs scrambled!
"...let's try something nearby, like in town. After driving a few minutes with several, "Nahs." We decided to paint in an alley behind the Manechoir and the Depot in the distance along the RIVERWALK. Tim faced directly opposite in the shade of the trunk. The day was growing hot and the paint sticking and drying on my palette. Tim was clicking away as usual chaging colors like machine gun bullets. I finished with drybrush techniques as this is all that was left as the bulb climbed to 81 and dry. He finished at exactly the same time I was washing my brushes with the smell of aromatic fixative filling my nostrils.

 I took a few pictures of the final results and we threw our stuff into the car and heade back to Mexico. Gotta run man. Let's shoot for Monday 8 AM Tim returned-9AM,  "8:30" Done!,8:30. My turn to buy.  "Hey you want to come with me and teach this 101 class?"

" Nope. I'm heading home to check out the sofa."
"Oh, I miss those afternoon naps."

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