Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time to Hunt for the Gold (Wheat Fields)

That's Tim up above working on today's art piece. Lincoln Square closed! We will miss our $3.99 speicals and the food was good too. It's Tracks End and the grease-meister. I can comb my hair in the reflection of myself in the eggs. Ohhhhhhh :(     NOT HAPPY! Well today was like most of the others and it was semi-clear skies blue and white puffy clouds. Breakfast on board, we took off to hunt for ripe wheat fields with the golden sheen sparklin' across the valley with green surrounding it from corn and soybean fields. That gold is special. But...this year there isn't any gold. The rains have caused the wheat to have a reddish tinge with a black head like a mold. I looks more like soybeans ripening than wheat.

We spend an hour and a half sizing up the landscape and picking where we will work. Tim says it's too hot to sit out in the sun. I just listen and keep adding paint to the surface of my canvas. I'm trying to think and paint at the same time. I have in my head an image of another artist I admire. Still the artist I am comes out regardless of who I have in my mind to emulate. Tim, however, has the good sense to just create. He adds color over color and enjoys the day and the art process. The result is who we are as artists. That's what it is. Not what it wants to be.See you next time when philandtimpaintoutdoors.

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