Monday, July 26, 2010

Black Flies, A Two-Fer, and A Longneck

Hi, you ravenous art lovers. It's the twosome again...painting our way across northern Indiana. Wow, what a day, tops was 84 degrees with a breeze comparable to Cancun. Okay, how about Calhoun, IN. Tim had the reigns today so he had to pick our painting spot today. Did I tell you he likes to drive around? No matter we see a lot of country and we are always amazed the the D.N.R. hasn't passed a mandate that an "artist-pull-off "shouldn't be maintained every six or seven miles. We spot some great scenery but hell it's a half mile to trek back to the spot with chairs, paints, canvases and water jugs. So we finally find a spot on the river which a few days ago was underwater. The rocks are slippery with mud and the tree routes exposed. A cool spot under  maples and sycamores was where we set up for the next hour. I selected the general direction of the bridge at Lewisburg while Tim moved downstream and really honed in on the bridge structure. I have to say he nailed it today. Mine was satisfactory but that damn water color..greenish-grey-tanny-brown. I had about five or six colors mixed up, squinting, trying to pinpoint the exact color of the Wabash full of mud and field run-off. While we were painting some guy drove to the middle of the bridge and dropped a bucket on a rope line. Dipped and filled it and pulled it back up. He did this again and we could only guess he was looking for a spot to start a 'mountain-fresh' bottled water company. How about Sunnies H2O or Aqueduct Blue?
We finished up and still it was only 11AM. We decided to try one more. Tim opted for an ice cream but I was still belching my Sausage Egg Mc'Fluf'fun. I wonder how that stuff starts it's life out? Sausage from the Rhinleand, Eggs from China., and muffins made in jolly olde England. A slab of chemo-cheese from Wisconsin, North Dakota.

Packed up we head for town,Circus Town that is.By the way the Circus is over and the only remaining residue is the grease drenched sidewalks from the Elephant Ears. A person of unknown name  told us that she was just going downtown for a Lion's Club tenderloin and an Elephant Ear,... everyday? I thought. That's a whole story in itself as I worked in one of those wagons along time ago as a pinch hitter 'til the guy returned. You have to get the grease super hot. Crisco or Corn oil or some other high engine temperature oil, I prefer Quakerstate 10W40.
Once this is reached the batter, a secret for every Elephant Ear wagoner...yeah it's just an old Indian Fry Bread recipe: 1 cup flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 Tbs sugar, and a little water or milk as needed. Throw this in a blender. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Ready to pour the batter in that hot grease swirling it as you pour.

 Remove a few minutes later after it puffs up and sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar or granular sugar and cinnamon. MMMM-Good. ....Burp! 
We set up behind the old Kuepper Favor Co. since Tim wants to paint something 'industrial.'  Okay this is not strictly industrial as they make paper party napkins and spin wheels for birthday parties but the buildings are old manufacturing and grocer warehouses from the late 40's. Now that you've been in our head for the last ten minutes here's the art we promised.

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