Monday, July 12, 2010

R-U Guys Painting tomorrow?

Larry, you remember him from a few times ago? He called and asked if Tim and I were painitng. Sure, we'll meet at Cafe Cirque at 8. Great I'll meet you there. At eight I pull up at the Cafe Cirque run bt a Chris Arrick son of a few friends on mine from the old days...St.Charles. Anyway they fix a mean ham cheese and potatoe quiche and good coffee. Sorry Tracks End my liver and vena cava was starting to look like a milkshake coated test tube. I know that's pretty gross for breakfast time but I wanted you to know where I'm coming from. We all arrive about the same time. Tim first and then Larry. Yup, Chris it's quiche all around Larry's turn next time...and no lobster thermidor. No, they don't have that on the menu. Larry is filling us in on what's going on in Mathews with the kids and his wife. They have one coming in August. I think Larry wants to hang out before the big date. Dana is a saint. They both are a great couple with the baseball team of youngsters. That's something you only hear from the old days. I was from a family of six kids. My cousins about the same number. Anyway we gobble down the quiche and a liter of coffee each and finish up just before nine. Since I'm driving I call the spot and I've got a 'beaut' today. They baled some hay just outside of town in small field surrounded by pines and the sky is a melacholy gray with white clouds. The temperature is pretty nice too. I've been studying Milton Avery on and off for some time and a woman artist I met in Santa Fe, Gigi Mills, when my wife and I took our very cool vacation. I really like her work. So I have three canvases today and Tim I think is set up for two pastels. Larry bless his soul is settin' up one of those English watercolor thigamabobs that you put your paper on and a tray holds the paint and brushes. Travel light Larry. Anyway he's setting this thing up and I think it reminds me of when Captain Nemo comes out of the sub and starts jabbing a harpoon into the giant squid. I know I'll catch some flack for saying all of this.... but Larry is really a good painter and a serious one. I just can't help my 'orneryness.' We paint for a few hours and then I have to leave for an appointment in town and since our router went out I have to work on my classes for Tuesday so I can't paint anymore today. Tim and Larry continue afer Tim also has a meeting in town and later I get a call from them...."We are eating ice ceam in Wabash and we did some more paintings, you should have stayed." Sorry guys I have these two college classes each week and it takes some planning to cover them especially when I can't use the computer the last two days. Okay enjoy your ice cream. I think they wanted me to know they stayed with it and got ice cream. Hmmmm. I'm going to post the paintings we did just after this so the first is Larry's then Tim's and then my three small morning ones. Hey, it was fun. Larry after the baby comes in August I'm going to eat ice cream for a whole week and think of you wrestling the kids into the car or the tub or wherever. Anyway come on along next time when philandtimpaintoutdoors. Maybe, we'll stop for ice cream.

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