Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today was one of those days when we felt like we were losing. Breakfast was egg and sausage burritos for me and a coffee. 

Tim had the O.j. and Bagel sausage doo-wabi. It was supposed to get hot today and we weren't disappointed at all. 

After driving down near the river and finding no places that seemed to inspire us we drove back into Peru to stop at a spot Gary Nichols had shot of a building with some pretty unique colorations. It was the old Baber's Auto part store. The building is in pretty bad shape and the fellow who has an office next door said if you're going to paint it you'd better hurry up it isn't going to be around much longer. So I got started and the temperature unknown to me started climbing. Tim sat across the parking lot working o the old jail house. I complained to him how bad the painting was going.I don't think I was inspired and the weather was drying my paint too fast to allow me to blend it on the canvas. 
     Today I felt like I had left painting behind me in the dust. I hated what I was doing and Tim said about the same thing. This ones (choice for the subject)  too hard with too many details in the and around the building. This is what I ended up with. Not too happy with it.
This allowed me to keep the sun off of my neck the rest of the day Charlie of Arabia?

We went back to Tim's house to try our hand at a painting after we rested up.The heat sapped us both so a short nap, me in the rocker and Tim on the futon was perfect. 20 minutes later we headed down to the pond. The morning had really dampened our spirits. However, Carolyn loved the building that I did so I gave it to her. It was still hot and muggy too so I stopped under some willows and Tim went to the other side of the pond to paint near the his flat boat pulled ashore. Things seemed to go a little better as I turned off the idea that I was making a painting I was here to enjoy myself. I tried to get into my head that I was at Giverny, France. Well  it worked as long as I kept the thinking part out of it and let the feeling part of me wield the brush. Here's how it turned out. Real impressionistic...Monet would be smiling.
Tim's was a success too. I think he was a little more inspired after the nap and the promise of a cold beer waiting for both of us when we finished. Carolyn bless her heart was like my grandmother and probably yours. She loves everything we do. 

"Oh that is so nice," she says. I don't know if she is being nice or she really likes it Nevertheless it's 'pa..raise' and we'll take it.  Here's Tim' pastel of the lake looking east.

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Carol said...

I love the paintings! Sounds like a wonderful day in spite of the heat!