Saturday, July 10, 2010


The day looks like rain in the west and it is muggy. Tim calls and is on the way. We head for the Tracks End. But folks, its on to Cafe Cirque on Monday. We have to watch our cholesterol intake. We finish and the windshield is dotted with small spit drops of rain. This reminds me, a small yellow finch, a female is in love with her reflection in my Scion's side mirror. This is day four she has been looking at the mirror and then flies right into the closed window, BAM. The side door is covered with bird droppings. I think it knocks the scat right out of her. We get in and Tim drives into town so that I can drop off a piece of equipment...He drives around a little and heads for the R.R. bridge facing Broadway. The sky is dark in the south and the rain is spitting. Tim says his pastel paper is spotting. Let's stick it out...I reply. So we set up and I lay down a layer of white gesso over a skech of myself on the cnavas 11"x14"...never finished beyond the acylic line drawing.

The humidity is 100% as I lay in colors over a drawing into the wet gesso. The colors blend into the white and are pastel like a watercolor. I learned watercolor first as a painting medium when I was in college. It wants to come out of me and take over the canvas. I decide why not it's too wet too build any strong color today. The threat of rain is still very real. As I paint the sun breaks through adding to the humidity which is now hovering around 115%. Tim is quiet today. I think he is in the zone. The time goes fast. How you coming, Tim asks. I'm just about done maybe 5 minutes. I smell the fixative. He's finishing. I am outlining a few shapes with a pthalo blue and sienna...yes it looks more like a watercolor. It also flattens out into a pattern as this is more of what I see in front of me.Tim on the otherhand grew up in Peru. His pastel looks like a long perspective down Broadway. Great job you guys. Time to head for home and open a few cold Dark Ambers. I also bought some chicharones that you pop in the microwave. "Chicharones?" What else, hot pork rinds and beer. Well we'll start tomorrow on that cholesterol watch. Okay? K.

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