Friday, July 23, 2010

The Overhang Ninety Four

Today the thermometer looked promising. However, we live in Indiana and it's Circus Days. Ever since I moved to this Midwestern twin Circus Days meant the seven hottest day of the year. After breakfast I was doing the driving and I knew exactly where we were going to paint today. By water that is the Wabash. Near the old coon hunters lodge, my gosh what a name. The river drops from the dam and there is an overlook that's positively historic. The overlook is the Seven Pillars overlook.

Tim edged out onto a ledge where the layered limestone is broken loose from the parent rock. He sets up looking like he'll go over should the rock let go. I'm a little more careful setting up back a ways from the edge but can still see east down the river. This is a great view. I'm not in the sun yet, but about twenty minutes later it's bearing down on me. Little did I know I was getting dehydrated. I finished up by an hour and a half. Tim was still working with his singsong tone " you win some you lose some."

I close up, load the car and walk out on the ledge to see how Tim is doing. He is putting in a few last strokes and called it quits. Let me get a picture, let me see your pastel. Tim held it up and it looked good just needed a little tweaking is all. I think the heat was getting to us. I felt sick to my stomach and Tim was ready to go some place cooler. We drove on back to the farm. He had stacked a bunch of boards against a tree that his wife had painted. Damn that's really cool. Reminds me of an artists work I had seen at the IMA several years ago. Well that's a wrap. I'm going home and try to cool off. How about Monday. Sure Monday's fine you drive. I'll buy. Let's try somewhere else I'm getting tired of quiche.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the painting of the Wabash