Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tim's Pastel

My Painting

     Today was a great day for painting outdoors. The weather was cold but not too cold to paint in. Tim had to go to Logansport so we headed over. He had to get a new drill. On the way back we would find our painting place. We took the back road that followed the Eel river to the east. Each road turned this way and that as we went north and east then north again.
     Winding like a snake we ended up near an old bridge. I noticed the steps remaining from a fire to an old country house. It stood not like a grave marker but a historical landmark that a family had lived there. Tim focused on the the old early 1900 iron bridge. In the car we set up our art boards.I was in the back and Tim in the front. The minimal space allowed the meager-est of art supplies. Tim had pared down to one set of pastels and his board with paper taped on. Me in the back had my art board also with paper taped up. A bag of acrylic colors, a water bottle with a screw cap and an old cotton t-shirt rag. The rest of the space was needed for the "act of painting."  Painting in a car makes winter a do-able event. I think of all the artists who painted in their cars: Higgins, Hopper, Blumenthal, O'Keefe, on and on. We finished up and headed for SUBWAY, what away to finish an already red letter day:the gift of sight, the gift of creation, the gift of friendship, the gift of art and the gift of the day.That's what happens when .................................... philandtimpaintoutdoors.                                                                         


The location.

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Erika said...

HEY, these guys are my uncle and my old friend, Phil!! I love your work. I love even more that you share it with all of us.