Friday, March 25, 2011

AREA 51.....

It was weird ...really weird...It started out normal enough..Tims turn to pick and pay for lunch...where where where...were we going to the bottom of the street where the balloonist used to live we pulled off and and sized up the RR X-ing...this ought to be interesting. As we worked I could hear Tim complaining. This is whooooa....... terrible.. I said, I know this one is tough. As we worked the weirder and weirder, it felt. This one is my worst I replied...Tim.  I know what you mean..we'll have to miss this one blog,Okay? I don't know. They ought to be able to see the bad days as well. I guess. Let's finish this one and get something to eat...I feel too weird about how I did my's really off. Mine too. My color scheme went crazy and it's more like a Christmas tree. It must be this area we are in. Kind of a tear in the universe....You mean like a Area 51 1/2? Yah, just like that.

And this is our next outing a few days later..things sort of settled down and we are back to our normal least, I think we are. Tim said. Those silos are like skyscrapers...! Well, I replied, this is Corn King country. 
That barn you put in is "day-glow" what's with that? Ahh...., just wanted to use a red  I haven't used yet. Think maybe you could tone it down a tad? Surrrrre. Let's eat. Where to?  I feel like breakfast today, How about Tracks End? Surrrre. We get there, Tim orders the Rail Runner:1/3 lb.hamburger and fries. I'll have the same. Heh, you said you wanted breakfast!!!! I did but that looks goooood. Is that all right....................???   Surrre. Great....... TWO........ Rail Runners!

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