Monday, March 7, 2011


Some days are like opposites...Tim nailed this one and I feel like I really missed the boat...I know you think I'm going to complain about the cramped car and the tight working conditions etc, etc, etc. but I'm not. It's just a fact that Friday is not Monday. Or when we go out to paint, we both are going to make a masterpiece. Not true. This is no story book happy ending. This is about challenges...Tim and I both share the cramped quarters and we both work hard to get a piece of art made but it doesn't happen all the time...what does is the friendship...The chatter in the car about this and that subjects I probably only mention to him. No judgement. We listen and we talk and we paint or work with pastel "pastelling sounds so lame. What I can't bear to think about is that one of us, one day, won't be there. Yup, it's true and that is sobering and rewarding at the same time.We just have today to go out and paint or do pastels...we hope for great results but we add one more page in the philandtimpaintoutdoors memory book we both carry inside. Sorry about being so maudlin but my niece is sick with cancer, people are dying in Libya, and God knows where else people won't see tomorrow.. So I'm going to say THANK YOU GOD for today right now and right here. And that's a  
MASTERPIECE in my book...

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