Thursday, March 3, 2011

And now folks a blog written by none other than Tim of philandtimpaintoutdoors.

"Hi Spearz,

Here it is, and pretty good at that!
Winter's gone, we hope! Anyway its' time for a pinch hit by the other 
half of the PhilandTimPaintOutdoors team. I am Tim of the art Duo.

I picked up Spearz and we headed north out of Mexico, through the country a searchin'. Stopped several times but were stymied by no good place to park.It's still cold enough that we're going to have to stay in 
the car.

After about a half an hour we found this interesting place on a curve with a nice pull-off spot and we decided "this is it."Our results speak for themselves; nice shapes, colors, textures and 
compositions.Lunch at Subway, and another Great Day as PhilAndTimPaintOutdoors

P.S. I hope this passes the test.

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